Astrophysics @ RIT

Graduate student in Astrophysics at the Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY, USA). I use photometric data from the Hubble Space Telescope  and GEMINI-GMOS integral field spectra to study some aspects of the evolution of the super-massive black holes residing in the nuclear regions of active galaxies. See my "Reasearch" page for more informations.



I completed my previous studies in Italy where I obtained a:

  • MSc in Astrophysics and Cosmology at the University of Bologna (Summa cum Laude, July, 2010). My MSc thesis ("Recoiling super-massive black holes, a search in galactic nuclei") was supervised by Prof. Alessandro Marconi, Prof. Alessandro Capetti and Prof. Bruno Marano. During the Master I spent six months at the LAOG (Laboratoire d'AstrOphysique de Grenoble, France) as an Erasmus student.
  • BSc in Physics at the University of Bologna (December, 2007) with a thesis supervised by Prof. G.Giovannini on "Estimates of super-massive black hole masses in the center of bright galaxies".
  • Eight year diploma in classical guitar at the school of music "Rinaldo Franci" (Siena).
  • Maturità scientifica, High school degree at the "Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele III (sezione scientifica)", Patti (ME) (July, 2004).